Enterprise Edition

The Gaming Grids Enterprise Edition is a stand-alone solution offering all the features of the Gaming Grids Tournament platform. Customize and design the user-interface to suit your company or game brand identity and privately host your website and database for complete control of the system.

What We Do

Gaming Grids provides a complete tournament and matchmaking system with automatic reporting and real-money challenges.

Tournaments Platform

The Gaming Grids Tournaments and Matchmaking Platform is a complete and robust solution to hosting and managing online and LAN events. Event organizers and game developers can choose from an ever expanding features list to create a customized and personalized experience for their players. Monetize and generate revenue by allowing your players to compete for real money or by taking subscriptions for access to premium features.

Developer API and SDK

Developers can integrate easily with our API to allow all the features and functionality of the Gaming Grids Tournament Platform directly into their game for a seamless and native experience.

Use our SDK to decrease development time for a quick turn-around and offer your players the ability to play in tournaments in no-time at all.

Legal Compliance

We have achieved successful legal opinions in all the regions that we offer real money contests of skill. Instantly offer real money contests legally in: Canada*, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States*. *restrictions apply

Collect payments from all major credit cards: Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Diner's Club, JBC in the United States and PayPal® internationally.


Razer Arena is the newest and fastest-growing tournament platform available for both casual and professional gamers. Powered by Gaming Grids Enterprise Edition, Razer Arena is integrated with Razer Comms voice chat gaming messenger to bring users a complete social gaming experience. Razer Arena is perfect for game developers and publishers of all shapes and sizes as well as organizers looking to host sponsored tournaments.