• By MiCasa Network
  • Posted March 2, 2015

MiCasa partners up with Gaming Grids to launch weekly eSports news program "GameSlot"

LOS ANGELES, March 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- MCB Network Corp's MiCasa Network today announced that it has partnered with entertainment software company Gaming Grids to launch its new eSports show, GameSlot.

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GameSlot is a weekly videogame news program covering mobile and console games, scores and highlights from throughout the eSports world as well as commentary, previews and feature stories. Within the show, the Gaming Grids segment will feature top teams and players, as well as highlight reels from its tournament platform.

"The rise in eSports' popularity has been staggering and the fanbase is massive," said MCB-MiCasa CEO Sean Malatesta. "There is no shortage of traditional sports news outlets, yet the eSports segment is underserved. GameSlot aims to remedy this condition."

Gaming Grids CEO Dana Garvey added, "We are excited to partner with MiCasa and to be expanding the coverage of eSports events held on Razer Arena. Having a show like GameSlot will only increase the level of recognition so richly deserved by the eSports Community. We are proud to join with MiCasa in providing quality content to their viewers."

GameSlot will begin airing on March 3, 2015 via MiCasa Network's 43 over-the-air stations, IPTV channel and mobile video app for iPhone and Android.

About MCB Network Corp and MiCasa Network
MCB Network Corp's MiCasa Network, based in Los Angeles at LA Center Studios, is a premiere provider of entertainment for the growing Hispanic Millennial community. MiCasa Network is the only place where you'll find the quality programming tailor-made for today's "Hispennial" audience and distributed multi-platform. Its programming offers something for everyone delivered in a compelling way - in the evolving predominant language of English with a distinct Latino flavor: Movies, Mobile Games, Music, Beauty, Autos and Sports. With over 2000 hours of original and licensed programming shot in its state-of-the-art HD Virtual production studios, MiCasa Network is poised to be your one-stop shop for all Latino entertainment and the advertisers trying to reach them.

About Gaming Grids
Gaming Grids LLC is a video game entertainment, mobile software, and content delivery company based in Las Vegas, Nevada; with partnerships ranging from Razer, Inc. to the U.S. Army. Specializing in cash based skilled gaming, their portfolio of features includes a complete eSports tournament platform, unique Grid ranking system, massive public tournaments, and progressive jackpots with a focus on creative monetization.

For more information, contact:
Sharon Will 352-789-4346
MCB Network Corp/MiCasa Network

  • By PC Magazine
  • Posted JAN. 29, 2015

Razer Launches Competitive Gaming Ecosystem

Razer in partnership with Las Vegas-based Gaming-Grids, has launched the first phase launch of Razer Arena, a new competitive gaming ecosystem for everyone. The service will be powered by the voice chat gaming messenger, Razer Comms.

Razer Arena is a web-based platform that brings together competitive gaming tools typically reserved for professional-level gamers. With automatic match creation and reporting, tournament and match lobbies, match notifications, and more, Razer Arena provides a seamless experience without the hassle of uploading screenshots or replays. Razer Arena also allows match teammates and opponents to easily communicate.

In the first phase, users will be able to participate in daily challenge cups to get familiar with the tournament platform, as well as participate in tournaments produced by selected partners.

In the second phase, slated for March 2015, users will be able to host their own private tournaments. Successful Razer Arena tournaments may be featured alongside professionally organized events.

Razer Arena will feature:

  • Automatic match creation and reporting
  • Match-reminder notifications
  • In-game voice chat powered by Razer Comms
  • Chat lobbies for the most social and interactive gaming experience powered by Razer Comms
  • Anti-cheat engine to ensure fair play
  • Single elimination format
  • Custom competition creation and management with friends, schoolmates and colleagues - Coming March 2015

" Tournament platforms focus heavily on the professional gaming scene, leaving out the majority of gamers," says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. " That ends today with Razer Arena. Finally it's easy to find the best gamers in your school or your office. There are competitions for every skill level, from casual to pro. You decide how and with whom you compete."

Gaming Grids President and CEO Dana Garvey says: "We are very excited to partner with Razer on the Razer Arena platform. Razer's devotion to the gaming industry and e-Sports is once again demonstrated with this latest product."

Collegiate Star League Founder Duran Parsi says: "We're pretty excited to be able to give each of our universities the ability to run their own training competitions and qualifiers leading up to the season. Razer Arena provides both users and organizers an amazing platform to run competitions in the smoothest way possible."

At launch, Razer Arena will support the following titles:

  • Battlefield 4
  • Dota 2
  • Counterstrike: Global Offensive

Game developers that are interested in learning more about integrating their game with Razer Arena can go to

Tournament Organizers can apply to run tournaments during beta period at Once out of beta, tournament organization tools will be made available to everyone.