The GamingGrids® Enterprise Edition is a stand-alone solution offering all the features of the GamingGrids® Tournament platform. Customize and design the user-interface to suit your company or game brand identity and privately host your website and database for complete control of the system.

Multiple Tournament Styles

The platform comes with single and double elimination bracket tournaments, swiss and round-robin group qualifiers or leagues with seasons.

Automated or Manual Modes

Set your tournament to automatically create matches and report scores or run tournaments in manual mode for a more hands-on experience.

Player and Team Profiles

Create and manage player and team profiles complete with match history and game statistics.

Game Statistics

Automatically track and display game, player and team statistics for the life time of the account.

Payment Proccessing

Accept PayPal® payments world-wide and all major credit cards in the United States.

Virtual Wallet

Create an eco-system with our virtual wallet option with real or virtual currencies.

Chat Messaging System

Keep in touch with players and teams during tournaments with our instant chat messaging system.


Make sure your players don't miss anything with our customizable notifications system.

Administration Panel

Operate and manage tournaments with ease through a very comprehensive control panel.

Developer API

Integrate all the features of the GamingGrids® Enterprise Edition directly into your own game or website.

Quick Integration

Our deployment package allows you to get up and running tournaments in no-time.

Professional Support

GamingGrids® provides a variety of assisted support services to meet your requirements.

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OpenPlay Tournaments is an online tournament system based around a players statistical performance that allows the casual and competitive gamer to compete against players in a specific region or around the world and have the potential to win prizes and money.

U.S. Patent 9,123,205

Built for the casual gamer

Designed specifically for the casual competitor, OpenPlay Tournaments target the masses by allowing gamers to play as they normally would and win real money.

Progressive Jackpots

We take a small portion of every entry-fee and put it safely away into a Progressive Jackpot that increases in value overtime giving some lucky gamers the opportunity to win BIG money.

Paytables up to 1M players

Our paytables are designed to handle up to 1 million players at once with the capability to go higher as needed.


The Grid is a self-scaling visual representation of a standard leaderboard ranking system designed off a Level and Tier format. Each Grid consists of 10 Levels and 10 Tiers where the player will start on the bottom and fight their way to the top. A player can be ranked according to their skill rating, overall points or any method the developer chooses, and placed on the Grid dynamically based on the top player rating ensuring even player distribution throughout the Grid.

The Grid allows for an unlimited amount of players to be visually ranked on a single interface, eliminating any pagination and scrolling allowing players to easily find themselves on the Grid and issue challenges to players of similar skill and ranking.

U.S. Patent 8,663,012


We have achieved successful legal opinions in all the regions that we offer real money contests of skill. Instantly offer real money contests legally in: Canada*, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States*.

GeoIP Location Tracking

Identity Verification

Global Legal Opinions


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